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The reason for this blog

In General on February 13, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Like all family researchers, I hit roadblocks. This blog is to help organize my attempts to resolve one particular roadblock named Barney (or “Barnett,” or “Barnard”) Miller.

This is not the BarneyMiller of TV fame. This Barney was a revolutionary war soldier, who joined the army in Virginia (where he had moved from Pennsylvania); lived in Breckinridge County, Kentucky in the 1790s; then moved to Spencer County, Indiana, where he died sometime after 1835.

That’s what I know about him. Here’s what I don’t know, and the questions I am trying to answer:

  • Who was Barney’s wife? Did he have more than one? He had at least one wife named Mary, but varying information lists her surname as Keysacker (Keesecker, Kiesecher), or Houston.
  • Who were Barney’s parents?
  • Where was Barney born. Contradictory information again. Some researchers are convinced he was born in Josephstown, Pennsylvania. Others are convinced that he was a German emigrant.

I hope other Miller researchers find this blog helpful, or at least interesting. And if anyone can supply information on Barney I’ll certainly be happy to receive it.

  1. Hello,

    I just located your web site and I would enjoy sharing some information regarding the research into this Barnabas or Barnett Miller. I suspect my Susanna Miller ancestor was a daughter of Barnabas and Mary, and I suspect they are buried together on the family farm in Spencer County, IN. Susanna married James Mackey, but we believe this surname was originally Mc Kee. I am especially interested in whether or not your DNA results may have been determined a match for Shawnee heritage?
    Janet Mackey-Bodine

    • Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond. I’ve been very busy at work and have had little time to do any genealogy lately. So far the DNA results have been of no help giving me any more information about Barnett. No hint of Native-American ancestry either.

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