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In DNA on February 13, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Because Barney is on my direct patrilineal line, one tool available to me is a DNA test. After some research, I settled on the test from Family Tree DNA. There are already two related group projects through Family Tree DNA: The Mueller DNA Project (also researching Mullers and Millers); and the Miller DNA Project, also researching the names Millar, Millard, Muller, and Mueller. There is one other project that I haven’t joined yet, the Germanna Project, which is tracing families whose ancestors lived in the Germanna Cololny, in Spottsylvania County, Virginia. While I have ancestors in my father’s line from Germanna, they are not direct patrilineal ancestors. So I don’t know yet how much help my test will be to that project’s members, and how much they may be able to help me. But I don’t expect that test to have any bearing at all on the Barney Miller questions.

DNA tests do not provide family trees. But they may help link you with other folks who are researching the same lines. There are more than 100 Millers/Muellers/Mullers participating in the Mueller DNA Project, so I’m hoping that increases the chance of finding a match. And Family Tree DNA keeps your test samples and results. As the popularity of DNA testing increases, this also increases the chances of finding a match.

I’m expecting my results in four or five weeks. Then I get to spend some time learning how to use them.


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